5 Ways to Add Play to Your Day

1. Dress up! You can either dig into Halloween costumes and actually dress up in a silly manner, or you can dress to the nines - best suit, tux, dress, accessories, makeup, the good eau de parfum - go all out, even if the only daylight you'll see is the walk to the mailbox. Dressing up shifts your mindset and if you're like me, then during the pandemic you've been rockin' the sweats - which there is nothing wrong with - but sometimes you just gotta feel fancy.

2. Make the fancy pants food. Same concept here! Don't be like me and live on dino nuggies and mac n' cheese. When my wife and I cooked our big Thanksgiving dinner and used the fancy dish set it made the meal so much better. Bring out the candles, buy a bouquet of flowers for the table - be fancy and have fun!

3. Create art. Good, bad. Shitty art, even. I don't care if you're going to smear ketchup on a paper plate with your fingers, but create something, anything! We've all been in a humdrum of the same old same old for a long time. Do a little something to shake it up!

4. Write with your non-dominant hand. I am a huge advocate for this, especially during the p(re)school program. Using your non-dominant hand helps to tap into the inner child - seeing your messy handwriting and having to focus on forming each letter unlocks that part of your brain that brings you back to when you were young and learning how to write.

5. Listen to music - create a playlist that feels bright, happy, and fills you with joy. Dance to it, sing to it, create, dress up and walk through your hallway like a catwalk. Music has the power to change your mood and mindset, so use it!

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