9 Weeks of The Morrigan: 1

Hi everyone! Some of you may know that I'm a devotee of The Morrigan. Creating works for Her is something very close and near and dear to me. I've decided to share this 9 week challenge with everyone so that you too can connect with Her. There will be one prompt a week for the next 9 weeks, coming to you on Mondays. Below is the first challenge - I hope you'll share what you create!

Week 1: Craft a prayer or a poem to The Morrigan Below is my own

Morrigan, Morrigan

I call to you, heart beating, arms open wide.

Morrigan, Morrigan

Queen of Land

Queen of Sword

Queen of Blood and Bone

Morrigan, Morrigan

I call to you, heart beating

arms open wide.

Stand by my side.

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