Accessible Spirituality

I've been thinking a lot about accessibility in witchcraft. I am going to commit to making my spirituality a more accessible path - for myself. While there is a ton of work that needs to be done in the New Age and Pagan communities, I can only immediately change what I do, and how I act. I cannot control another's path, nor do I want to, and so I'm going to try to do better at making my spirituality something I can reach for often, instead of just during crisis mode. One of the tools that has helped me has been prayer beads, actually, which I figured I'd talk a little bit about here.

Many different religions utilize prayer beads (most popular is the Catholic rosary) in order to help you keep count of repeated prayers, or to go through a set of prayers.

Prayer beads can be pricey if you are looking for a specific set, with specific beads, so I'd like to share a very simple, easy remedy I've come up with!

It was a little tough, but after a few tries I finally came up with a simple 9 knotted cord that I made just long enough to twist it once so that it becomes a bracelet that I can wear.

It’s a simple red and white yarn loop for Brighid, but it serves its purpose. Whenever I’m feeling down, or alone, I just take my bracelet off, take a few deep breaths and run through my set of 9 prayers, with a little affirmation in between each prayer.

It takes a small chunk of time, I can run through all 9 prayers, 9 affirmations and 1 closing prayer within 5 minutes and afterwards I feel so much more centered, more connected and grounded that I know without a doubt that it’s a good 5 minutes to take out of my day.

The great thing about using the bracelet as a “rosary” is that I can easily carry it with me while being undetected. If you want to wear your beads as a necklace, then go for it!

Either way, I hope that you might be open to the idea of a set of prayer beads. I think that it’s one of the tools that some Pagans shy away because, as I said, the most popular set is the Catholic rosary and you might think that the idea “belongs” to that religion. Not so!

Head out to your local craft store to pick up some beads, or check out Etsy for a set.

Also, don’t think that you have to limit yourself to one set. Although I love the yarn bracelet, I still have about 4 sets of beads made by my good friend Krystal at Power Femme Tarot.

Each set can be a different set of prayers, or you can even use each bead as a touch stone for meditations. I think that making time for prayer, for connection to Deity and the Universe, or the Earth or whatever you worship/work with (spirit guides, angels, elementals) can help make spirituality feel a little bit closer, and easier to access.

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