What is an Attunement?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Energy work, energetic healing, and attunements rely on the base knowledge that everything is energy. Our bodies, our thoughts - all different energetic vibrations.

An energy attunement is a practice of aligning with a specific energetic frequency so that you are able to access and utilize that energy frequency again in the future.

Often people are familiar with the attunement process in relation to Usui Reiki attunements that occur when you become a Reiki practitioner. These attunements create a link between the Reiki energy frequency, and you. It effectively unlocks access between you and the source of the energy.

Let's think of all different energy systems as rooms in a house, and each attunement is a key to a new room. Just because you have the key to a room doesn't mean that you instantly know everything about the room, what furniture is in there, if any repairs are needed.

The key simply grants you access to the room. You need to find the room, unlock the door, walk around and see if you need to redecorate. Working with the energy system, practicing channeling the energy frequency, seeing how it works for you (or doesn't) is all necessary.

An attunement is a first step, another key on your key ring, not the end all be all!

All my distant attunements are done with my proprietary Waterfall method, which is very similar to a Chi Ball.

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