Being a Client

Today's prompt is: "Have you ever had a reading done for yourself by another person? What were your thoughts on this?"

Since I've talked a little bit about my worst experience, and who I think is a good candidate for getting their cards read, I figured I'd go ahead and give you a little primer on how to be a good tarot client! To answer the prompt, yes, I've had my cards read lots of times. Some have been bad, some have been so-so, some have been great! It really depends on what you want out of the reading, how well you mesh with the reader, and how high your expectations are, in my opinion.

There are wonderful readers out there. There are super shitty readers out there. The key is to do a little bit of research to see how the person reads, and to be clear on what outcomes you want from the reading.

If you're not interested in paid sessions, and you read yourself, I would see if there are friends that would like to trade readings. The quality/length may be a bit more on the casual side, but it's a good way to practice, and to allow others to practice as well. Practice makes perfect after all!

If you are set on a paid reading then the first step would be to get clear on what information you're looking for. Is there another channel or route you can take first? Why tarot?

Once you're set on having a reading and not using another method, then do some research on readers.

Read testimonials if they're available, chat with the reader themselves. Ask what deck(s) they use, how they read, what their process is. Do you require your reader to be set up in sacred space and to make this a sacred occasion? Do you not care if they flip cards on a tarot app? All these things should be thought about.

When you get a professional reading done make sure you're willing to pay the reader. If they explicitly say they're willing to have barter or trade that's one thing, but if they have a price list, abide by that list. This is important because you may not get the reading you think you'll be getting.

Do not go in with expectations.

Do not go in with expectations.

You can give the reader a theme, ask them questions, many times readers will have specific spreads, but at the same time, the reader cannot force specific cards to flip over. IF the reading seems a little too perfect, you might want to question why. In the past 10 years of tarot experience I have, there will never be a "perfect" reading in that you will not receive perfect confirmation of every message.

There can, and will, be overwhelmingly positive readings! Affirmations, validation, all that can and will happen, for sure. Most often, though, the tarot will have a couple messages for you on things to work on so that your wishes, hopes and dreams come true.

If everything were perfect, you wouldn't be looking for advice from the tarot, now would you?

After the reading, feel free to give feedback, and a testimonial to your reader. It helps them grow, and being able to use testimonial on any shop pages can be a big help as well. Please try not to be rude, if the reading isn't what you were hoping to get.

You'll have to use your judgement, but most of the time it's seen as rude to ask for a refund if you weren't satisfied, because the reader already did the work. If there are other ethical issues at hand though, of course feel free to follow the route that you think is most appropriate in your specific circumstance.

What basic steps do you take before you have a reading done? I'd love to hear about your process!

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