What is a Chi Ball?

Do I use them for my distant attunements?

A chi ball is a method of energy transportation, if you will. They are energetic spheres created by an energy worker. Bubbles filled with a specific energetic frequency that can then be sent off through the etheric realms to its intended recipient.

Many energy workers who perform attunements will utilize chi balls to pack up and carry the attunements to who ever has ordered the attunement or healing.

As we saw in the first blog post about attunements - everything is energy so utilizing a chi ball is extremely effective and practical.

They can be made in advance and sent through time and space to whoever needs it - I have done this with healing childhood trauma and also to give future me a little pep talk in preparation for any big things I need to do.

For attunements, they will be the handy package that the attunement is brought in if that's the method of sending off the attunement.

I do things a little differently with my Waterfall method. When an attunement is purchased, you receive a manual that explains the energy system you're being attuned to.

Within each manual there is a mini invocation ritual to be followed that retrieves the attunement for you - remember an attunement is like a key that will allow access to that energy system.

Once the invocation ritual has been performed instead of a chi ball being sent to you, my Waterfall method sends the attunement to you in a gentle wave of energy to wash over you.

More information is given in the manuals, but that is the base of it!

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