Confidence for the Introvert

Although I'm running my own business, and (trying) to put myself out there, I still consider myself an introvert. I gain energy by being alone or with my wife, but even so I feel recharged when I'm alone.

I do like spending time with people, but I will admit that home quarantine/COVID times has made me feel less stressed, overall. Not being expected to go into the public eye for days at a time has been a recharge that I've desperately needed.

However, what do you do when you're in introvert that needs to exude confidence? Below I have a few tips!

Mundane: Shoulders back as much as you can. Having a strong posture, a strong stance where you take up space is key. If you're shy and introverted it will feel more natural to hunch and curl in on yourself, to take up as small a space as possible. Pushing your shoulders back forces you to keep your chin up, and having the mindset to take up space helps give a confidence boost.

Witchy: Shield yourself. If you pick up on others energies then shielding your own energy will be invaluable. A lot of introverts that are also slightly empathic will hate going out into crowded places, not only because of the physical bodies, but also because of the energy that is being zapped at you from all around.

Mundane: Smile, make eye contact, if you can. I know, making eye contact shouldn't be a thing anymore that is required to demand respect, and is ableist, but if you're able, even for brief periods of time, make eye contact with those around you - especially if you're at a business meeting.

You can feel free to steal my tip of looking at the person's eyebrows or at the center of their forehead and flick your gaze to their eyes for a second at a time if you can. But if you're dealing with an older generation, in business, or with conservative folks in general, making eye contact seems to be a simple way of commanding their respect.

Witchy: Carry Tiger's Eye gemstone with you. It helps with confidence and will help you speak your mind.

Mundane: Carry media with you - whether that's a book, a handheld console, music player, your phone with things on it etc. Sometimes you just need to take a time out. Use these things as long as you're in a safe enough place to do so.

Witchy: Confidence glamours/spells. Use these tools to help you wear some energetic armor!

I hope these few tips help you - what are your go-to coping tricks for dealing with people?

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