Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a collage or collection of images, words, colors, and other inspirational material in order to help your subconscious manifest what you want and need.

It's said that the subconscious things better in images and abstract concepts, compared to our waking conscious that does better with words and "logical" information.

By collecting images and small words or snippets and placing them altogether on a canvas or poster board - or even a Pinterest board - you're sending the signals to your subconscious that "yes, please, this is what I want."

Today, on this las day of June, I invite you to create a vision board for what you want to bring in for the rest of the summer, and into the harvest season.

Tomorrow is July, and feels like the heart of true summer for me, here in Connecticut. My brain still thinks along the lines of the school year here, and by July we'd be out of school, it's super warm, and the picnics, beaches, and classic summer vibes are in full swing.

I want to bring in more sandy beach visits, salty ocean air, and mermaid energies! What would your vision boards look like if you created one right now?

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