Easy and meaningful ways to lend a helping hand

Have you ever had someone come to you, upset, overwhelmed, tired, angry...and you're not sure what to do? Here are a few easy ways you can make a real difference without having to expend too much energy. 1. Listen. For many people just having someone to listen to their problems will be enough to help them out. Make sure to keep thoughts to yourself unless they specifically ask for advice. 2. Ask: How can I be of service? Instead of assuming you know what the other person needs, this quick question will put the ball in their court. Simply asking "what do you need me to do" will be enough for them to get some things off their plate. Make sure you're actually willing to help. 3. Offer to do something that you can DEFINITELY do that is bothering them. If you don't want to leave yourself wide open as in #2, and you notice that there's a specific problem going on, ask if it'd be helpful to take care of a task. If you have a friend with severe depression and they're upset with the dishes in the sink, ask "hey, I know the dishes are bothering you, would it help you if I came over and did them for you?" 4. Check in. Even if someone isn't coming to you for help, sending a quick email, text message, or other social media message saying "Hey, thinking about you, let's connect?" can do wonders.

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