Finding the Right Deck

Welcome back to another Tarot post! I'm going to attempt to have them come out on Tuesdays, fingers crossed that ADHD brain will allow me to stick through with it!

Today's prompt is: "what are your opinions on finding "the right deck"? How did you find yours? Do you think it's possible to read from any deck?

So! I'm a little conflicted on the first question. The "right" deck...hmm, what does that mean, really? I guess I'll have to go off of what the definition of "right" is to me. My right, perfect deck is the Shadowscapes. (Pictured above).

Why is this the right deck? I feel a soul connection to it. I've worked with it the longest. It's the first deck that made me sharply inhale and go yes. mine. I have a working relationship with the figures in the deck (a story for another time).

This is the right deck, for me, because the imagery speaks to me, and even now after reading with it for about ten years, I'm STILL finding new, interesting things in the card imagery. I'm able to read this deck like I'm reading a book in a foreign language. I can put the imagery together to tell a story, and to me, that's what tarot is all about. Telling the story that the cards lay out for you.

With other decks, I need to think back to the archetypal meanings of the cards and then work from there, which can make a reading feel stunted, halting, choppy. While I have decks that I love working and learning with, none of them fit the "rightness" that Shadowscapes does for me.

I found this deck through an ex-Coven mate, and one of my close friends. She reads with the deck and when I saw it being used, that's when my attention was fully nabbed. That coven used to meet in Barnes and Nobles, at the Starbucks Cafe, and soon after I walked the stacks and bought it right then and there.

As for if I think it's possible to read from any deck. Yes, and no. Yes there can be the technical side of reading. The "the Fool means x", those basic archetypal meanings that you find when you google "what does the fool in tarot mean". However, I don't think it's quite possible to have a soul connection with every deck you pick up if you haven't given the proper time to the relationship.

I believe that each tarot card is a little energetic portal to a different realm, and the more time you spend, and the deeper you build the relationship the easier it'll be to read from the deck. That's why - partially - I feel like Shadowscapes and I have such a strong bond. I've been with this deck for a decade. We've been through some shit together.

Do you have a soul deep bond with a deck? Which deck? Tell me all a

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