[How To] Create a Self-Care Routine

One of the biggest hurdles many of my clients deal with is burn-out. The bone deep exhaustion that sets in from spreading yourself too thin, having too much on your plate, and not replenishing the internal stores of energy.

Many folks just don't know where to begin, or how to start implementing new schedules - it ends up feeling like one of those things on a to-do list instead of part of a wellness regimen.

The first step is going to be to figure out what actually replenishes you. Don't book yourself a massage if you hate other people touching you.

Don't think about what you "should" find pleasing and replenishing and go for what actually works for you.

This could be walking in nature, playing a low stakes video game, doing a cross-word, handicrafts, reading a book - you get the idea.

Go for things that don't relate to business, career, or your work. You're not studying here, or catching up on emails. You're doing something just for yourself.

Make time for replenishing things daily - even if it's just doing that cross-word while on the potty. (Sometimes it's like that. I get it. You do you.)

Folks, this is it, basically. Self-Care, at it's core is about getting back to what makes you feel good, makes you feel happy. This is so expansive and differs so much that it's impossible to create a one size fits all wellness plan.

For some folks this is going to include movement, medication or supplements, deep inner work.

If you want brainstorming help - email me and we can get to brainstorming!

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