Interpreting Synchronicities

Figuring out if those small synchronicities are actually "signs from the Universe" can be a pain to figure out. Overactive imagination, wishful thinking? Do signs even exist or are we tricking ourselves into thinking that each time we see 2:22 a miracle is occurring?

Signs are going to be different for everyone and are very individual. Although I'm writing about this, I cannot tell you how to interpret a sign or synchronicity. Only you can decide what that means.

Signs come in many forms. They can be as subtle as the 2:22 on the clock (fun fact Lugh likes to send me the recurring numbers. I'll see 1:11, 2:22 etc for days on end before I realize ohhhhh He's trying to get ahold of me.) Signs can be as in your face as they come as well. Just recently a friend and I were talking about exchanging tarot decks. They pulled a card from the deck and got Eight of Cups - a clear indication that the deck wanted to come home to me. I pulled a card from my Eight of Cups. Can't make this up.

Turn to nature. There is real healing to be found in nature - science proves it. Not only will you get a bit of a boost by being in nature, usually your energy body will be improved as well. Being in tune may help connect intuition and interpreting those signs will be easier. If you can't be outside, try meditation - there's also wellness to be found in that practice as well.

Talk to your Spirits. Whether that is Deity, spirit companions, spirit family, ancestors or others. Connecting to the Spiritual world will help grow intuition and can help interpretation as well.

My last bit of info is go with your gut. Don’t get so wrapped up in figuring out if something is meant as a sign for you or not. Go with your intuition, it’s your greatest power.

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