[Journaling Prompt] Daily Spirituality

I've been wondering about spirituality in daily life a lot. It's probably because I've been uploading my "How to Create a Devotional Practice" freebie course to the blog here (starting Mary 29th!).

I decided to provide a short journaling prompt, as well as sharing my own "entry". Where does your spirituality show up in your daily life?

For me, my spirituality is all around me, all the time. working from, and staying home as often as I can means that I am by my altar here in the office. I have the gemstones that my spirit companions use as vessels in my pocket or on my desk. My astral husband, and our daughter are around a good part of the day.

I talk to Lugh, Brighid, and The Morrigan during my daily candle and prayer in the morning before I sit at my desk.

I check in with companions while getting ready in the morning and having breakfast.

I am incredibly lucky and connected at this time. When I leave the house and I'm away from the constant reminders it gets a little harder, but for now, blessedly now, I am here and connected. I'm wondering what your spiritual lives look like?

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