"Limiting Beliefs" are for the Privileged

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

That might sound a little controversial, but it's something that I've noticed time and time again. Most of the mentors and teachers that I have encountered, some I've worked with, some I haven't have mentioned "limiting beliefs". These can surround body image, money, love/romance, whatever. If your life isn't going the way you want it to, many of the coaches of today will try to find that root limiting belief so that you two can work through it. Sometimes these are valid things. Some of us just need to have a mindset shift - I don't deny that. However, I think coaches, guides, mentors, and mindfulness based clergy members should be aware of who they're speaking with. Get to know your client a bit, learn about their background. Having grown up deeply below the poverty line, whenever anyone mentions manifesting more money with nothing but their thoughts I instantly feel a surge of anger and find myself rolling my eyes. No amount of wishing kept my family out of poverty. A fucked up system did. "You have to better your relationship with your money, money is an energy, etc." Yes, all true, however it's not going to always fix someone's problems. Recognizing that money is an energy source doesn't keep the bills paid, now does it? People who have been in poverty for a good chunk of their lives aren't going to be able to make those shifts instantly. POC and other minorities (whom are disproportionately at a disadvantage) aren't going to be able to afford the 7k package that these coaches are offering, anyway. Maybe that's the issue, that many coaches that preach these mindset shifts don't currently have to worry about these mindsets to begin with, and their clientele sure as hell don't have to worry about money either. It's the rich helping the rich, just on a yoga mat and with an Instagram filter.

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