LWB and Tarot

Today's prompt is: "Do you think the "little white book" that comes with each deck is useful or garbage? How about the books you can buy that go with your deck? Useful? Garbage?"

In case it wasn't clear before, LWB stands for little white book, by the way. These are the tiny books that often slip into the tuck boxes of tarot decks and are usually short, simplified meanings and descriptions of the cards.

The books you can buy are often from the author of the deck and the artist, and have more information and insight to the specific deck itself.

I think that both of these can be very useful tools, as long as you don't allow yourself to be held captive to their words as if it's the end all, be all.

If you're new to tarot, or still gaining confidence in readings, the books will be very useful for you, and are a great starting place to learning about the deck and the figures in your deck.

I believe I've mentioned before that for me, each tarot card is a little portal to the astral.

If you're struggling to connect with the figures then looking at the guidebooks will give you a wonderful starting point. If you get nervous and forget card meanings and clam up, the book will absolutely help you.

When I first started reading tarot I had the guidebooks with me at all times so that I could quickly flip through to the meanings. During practice time I'd copy out the words that spoke to me into my tarot journal, and then I'd compare and contrast with with my intuition and astral journeys would tell me.

I will say though, that once you have a grasp on the cards and figures, once you've forged a relationship with them, it will be helpful to cut the ties to the books so you don't get bogged down to the "right" definition of the cards. Let your intuition take over once you have the foundational material under your belt and you'll do just fine.

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