Messy Play

Happy National Pie Day!

Although today is Pie day and most people are thinking of edible food pies, I'm thinking of something else - mud pies! When was the last time you played outside in the dirt and grass? When was the last time you got messy? I know it's been ages for me - even with my sensory bin that I was gifted for Christmas. I noticed that even I - the empowerment mentor that helps you get connect to your inner child - still have hang ups about getting messy while playing.

Like many people out there, I was scolded as a child for getting too messy, even though that's what children do, and it's GOOD. Getting messy and being sensory allows children, and adults, to learn about themselves, about their surroundings. Sensory and tactile learning is important for folks of all ages.

For my mother, being messy means being wasteful. Having very dirty clothing meant more effort in washing them. To this day my mom still complains over how much laundry she has to do.

Being messy with food meant that we weren't eating it, and growing up in extreme poverty meant that food wasn't to be played with, or "wasted" on things like pasta necklaces.

I understand that poverty mindset that she has (yes, still has) and yet I'm determined to release the same mindset that I've carried with me. Going outside and playing in the dirt doesn't mean more laundry - I do laundry anyway. Using craft supplies in art and experience isn't wasteful, it's learning and experiencing new things. So, enjoy national pie day today, maybe head outside if it's not too cold and mix up some water and dirt with a stick and make a mud pie!

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