Oracle vs Tarot

"What do you think of oracle as opposed to tarot cards? Do you think they work as well and can provide as much information as tarot decks?"

Well, considering I have more oracle decks than I do tarot....hah!

I really like oracle decks because they can be SO varied. Tarot - if you follow the traditional Rider-Waite format can feel a little stifling. I am also pretty picky when it comes to tarot decks and although I have a couple, none have pinged so hard with me as the Shadowscapes has, so it's quite hard for me to build relationships with new decks, if I'm perfectly honest.

With oracle decks, however, there's a little more freedom to the layout, the formatting, and it feels as if they can be more expansive. I think that, depending on the deck, they can give just as much information as tarot decks can.

I have found that sometimes oracle decks require more intuition to read them, especially if it's an indie deck with no guidebook, as a few of the decks I have are. Those can be frustrating when I feel like the cards aren't "talking" to me, and I'm struggling to to understand the meanings of the cards and there's no where to turn online or guidebook.

Overall, I think that cards and decks are wonderful tools to help with intuition as long as you give them a chance to let their individual voices be heard.

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