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My local store is Michaels and my best friend refers to it as “The Unofficial Witch Store of America.” She’s totally right. In every aisle I can find something that I can use to make a witchy product.

I decided to write about this today because a lot of people either can’t afford to buy “top of the line” witchy products, don’t have a witch store near them or, they just want to make their own things, but don’t know where to start. Some people think they need fancy materials, but I’m going to give you some ideas for things you can make using common items that can be found in a craft store. Please note these are just off the top of my head - the sky is the limit (and your budget, but even so you can perhaps buy a few things at a time if multiple products are needed, and also don't rule out thrifting, and upcyling around the house!)

First up: apparel crafts. The first thing that pops to mind is fabric paint. You can pick up some of this and make your own witchy t shirts, decorate tarot bags with personal sigils of protection they make fabric paint markers so it's easier than ever to control. Get printable iron on transfers and make your own design if you’re into graphic design. Get some fabric dye and make a special color that you’ve created just for your witchy stuff: tarot bags, dream pillows, a pillow for a singing bowl, clothing, head bands and hats so when you go out and about you’ll feel like a part of the crowd and keep the sun out of your eyes. I'm wondering if you can slap an iron on, or fabric paint over a face mask?

Second: Art Supplies. Paints, papers, pencils for drawing. This could honestly be a book in and of itself. You can paint, draw or sketch anything your mind desires. No such thing as being "bad" at art. Nope, doesn't exist, not a real problem.

One of my favorite things to do is make chalk paper. Grab some computer paper. Grab some sidewalk chalk, a grater, and a 13 x 9 inch pan. Fill the pan with water, scrape some chalk onto the surface of the water, then lay the paper over it and quickly lift it up. The chalk will have stuck to the paper. Let it dry. Once it’s dry you can keep it in full sheets or cut it up. I used to keep a pile near my altar to write petitions to Brighid

Baking aisle! You can make witchy cakes, and decorate them with appropriate colors, write sigils on them, or if you want to be fancy and make multiple layers then you can write things or draw sigils in between the layers of cake. Make sure to imbue energy and stir things clockwise to keep good things flowing.

Beading: Obvious, but make your own witchy jewelry or a pendulum. There are tons of options here! Also, look for jingle bells by this section to make Beltane flower crowns with little bells, or to make wind chimes for an Air element decoration. Or pick up a bunch of charms you like and decorate a skirt, or a tarot bag, or a pillow.

Frames: Get a pretty frame and paint the back of the glass black to make your own scrying mirror. I’ve done it and it works!

General Crafts: Now you can make your own candles, and soaps. Beware that this may not be the most cost effective, but will be good for beginners to get a feel for everything.

Yarn: My personal favorite. I'm a crocheter and crocheting tarot bags, altar cloths and other things is really fun for me. One of my favorite projects was a crocheted "dice bag" that actually holds my Ogham staves. You can also braid, knit, weave etc. with yarn.

The kids section holds a lot of fun stuff. You can bend pipe cleaners into sigils, or shapes of people, or make your kids their first athame or wand to practice channeling energy through an object. Sheets of foam can be used to cut out shapes as well to be glued onto a first BOS. Or you can make a felt board to act out mythology stories.

Also be sure to check out the wedding section. Many times they have nice papers, sealing wax, organza bags to hold runes and ribbon to make a ton of things. Faux flowers can be used on altars and around the home to decorate with things that can be reused year after year.

Happy Crafting! What things can you think of while walking through a craft store?

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