Pre-Reading Ritual

"Do you do a pre-reading set up or ritual? Do you feel this is necessary? Why or why not?"

I only do an intense ritual set up if I'm going to be using tarot as a sacred tool within a larger ritual.

If I'm just reading for myself or for clients I'll occasionally use a cleansing room spray, or clear my deck with some incense, but I don't do that too often, and definitely not before every reading.

Afterwards, however, I'll always thank my deck for it's messages and services, and I wrap it up in a tarot wrap that I made for it.

I don't believe it's necessary to cast a circle, or do a big ritual before every reading if it's not within a ritual/spellwork context. I find it to be overkill and just makes the practice of reading exhausting.

However, I do like the idea of having a small daily ritual with tarot, of which I might start practicing again. Lighting a candle, saying a quick intention setting and pulling a daily card may be a way to form a stronger bond with my deck, something I have admittedly been lacking lately. Hmmmmmm, now the wheels are turning!

Do you have a daily tarot ritual? Tell me all about it?

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