[Prompt] Most Connected?

When have you felt most connected to your spirituality?

I would say every time I'm at The Morrigan's Call retreat that takes place in Connecticut. The past two years it's been via Zoom because of the pandemic, so I am sorely missing it.

Being at Camp Cedarcrest and seeing the folks who have become spiritual family is a feeling like no other.

Communing in nature, having the freedom to actually, literally, howl at the moon is exhilarating.

The most free I've ever felt at ritual was the first ritual in which I was introduced to Macha, an aspect of The Morrigan. It was night, the stars filled the sky, the fire was blazing in front of us. All of us screamed at the top of our lungs "Macha, Mighty Queen!" Macha doesn't come to those whose calls are meek, we were told. I tossed my head back and shouted into the summer skies.

The Priestess was barefoot, in a long black dress, carrying a sword. She stalked around the flames, the shadows making her seem Otherworldly as she channeled.

I will never forget the goosebumps that rose all over my body as the Priestess/Goddess in front of me pointed her sword at all of the attendants and growled "LOVE YOURSELF."

In that moment, and so many other moments at those retreats - I am in complete alignment with my spiritual side, with who I am, and what I stand for.

I cannot wait to get back.

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