Reading for Yourself?

This week's prompt is: "Do you think we, as individuals, are too biased to read our own trot cards? Does our ego get into the way of interpretation?"

*Deep sigh*, I think that this is a complicated question, honestly. I believe that reading for ourselves can be a fantastic thing, a wonderful way to connect to our Guides, our Deities, our Spirit Families. I use tarot all the time in order to tap into messages from my spirit family, my Gods, my Higher Self.

I also know that sometimes I want to use tarot to confirm what I'm already thinking which isn't what I need in the moment and during those times I ask a friend who is uninformed about my specific questions for a "blind read." I don't want my own bias to read the cards in a slant towards what I want to hear versus what I need to hear.

I believe it really depends on the situation. If you're feeling neutral going into the reading you're probably ok. If you're looking for deeper confirmation, for information and you're feeling anxious about the reading - try to get someone else to do it. You don't want to overlay your anxiety onto the reading to misinterpret something because you need to hear something.

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