Releasing Negative Thoughts with Affirmations

I wanted to talk about using affirmations as a way to release negative thoughts. I had an affirmation go up on the 1st, and in a few days I'll have another one go up.

I thought it might make a little bit of sense to talk about affirmations and how they work in case you've never used them, or were unsure about how they work.

As we learn in my p(re)school program a belief is just a thought that you've had over and over again - until it's stuck in your mind and is a belief.

This is why things that you were told often as a child stick with you into adulthood - good or bad.

While I was in school for my coaching certification, one of the phrases uttered by my professor during the Neurolinguistics class was: "neurons that fire together, wire together." When we have thoughts and brain activity, our neurons fire up. They create connections in the brain - literal, physical connections that solidify our belief systems.

If you constantly have negative self talk, you will, eventually, begin to believe those negative statements.

This isn't permanent though. With dedication and work, you can reverse and alter the negative thoughts with more positive ones.

It sounds easier than it is - that much is true. This is where affirmations come in. Thinking and saying these affirming statements aloud create neurological pathways - the more you say them, the more you'll believe them, until they are Truth in your mind.

One of the easier ways to do this - especially if you're new to writing affirmations - is to take a negative thought you often have and to flip it around so it's affirming and helpful instead of damaging.

I'll use a personal example here - I used to have the belief that I was lazy and unproductive if I slept in.

I turned this around to the truth of the matter: "I am an active and creative source that is nourished with sleep."

Just because I take a nap, or an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning doesn't mean that I'm lazy and unproductive (and self-worth isn't based on productivity anyway), it means that I'm tired and needed some sleep.

Take some time and write out your beliefs to release, and try to flip them around so that you have an affirming statement. Keep it close so whenever the negative thought comes up, you can instead recite your positive affirmation.

Let me know if you've got questions and I'll try to help!

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