Self-Love Bath Spell

Hello everyone! This spell isn’t focusing on using too much energy – this is more for pampering yourself so that you can use energy to make your spell work happen! This is a pampering milk bath.

It’s luxurious, but not hard at all to do! Here’s what you’re going to need.

~Milk (you can use whatever you’re comfortable with - dairy or nondairy, powdered or liquid)

~Roses (for love)

~Lavender (for peace and relaxation)

~Any other bath products you want. I personally love decadent bath oils and body washes.

That’s it! I told you it was amazingly simple. I also added a pinch of salt for grounding. Make sure the water is warm, and dissolve the salt so you don’t have any grittiness in your bath water. No one likes sitting on grit. Yeowch.

Add the milk and swish it around so that the water is all one temperature, especially if the milk was cold in the refrigerator. As you’re swishing visualize the bath as a giant cauldron, and you’re stirring around all the possibilities that can come to you. Perhaps light some candles at this point if you feel called to do so. When you’re ready hop in, and soak. Let all frustrations go away and try to allow yourself this time to relax. I love reciting affirmations at this point as well.

This would also be the time to pull out any expensive bath products you have that you’ve been waiting to use for a special time. This time is special, because it’s all about you use up those products, don't hoard them.

I hope you love this idea for a sensual bath!

Photo taken by me, back in 2016.

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