Some Crafts I've Made

Today I’m going to chat about doing arts and crafts and using those supplies/techniques in your spellwork from that witchy Craft store I talked about a couple days ago.

I do a lot of crafting and every person has their own style, so even if we do the same craft we might not do it exactly the same – I’d love to have your thoughts and input on anything I say!

1. Crochet. This is probably the one crafting thing that I’m best at. I’ve been crocheting for about 16 years now. My mom taught me and from there I went onto books and online patterns and now I can make stuff up. There are so many things you can do with yarn and crocheting I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just dive in.

  • You can spin your own yarn with intent. I’ve been spinning for a couple years and it’s super fun! If you do this then you can pick out the wool and focus on spinning the yarn with whatever intentions you might have. If you take this a step further maybe try to sponsor an animal at a local farm to get the yarn right from them. It’s something I’ve currently been looking into. If you get raw wool you even have the power to dye it with corresponding colors!

  • Store bought yarn is fine too though. Make sure to pick colors that correspond and materials that will a. feel good running through your fingers while working with it and b. perhaps correspond with what you’re doing. If you’re doing a working to become closer with nature, for example, using a man made fiber like acrylic might not be best, and instead you might want to pick cotton.

  • Pick hooks that you love. This is essentially your wand when you’re crocheting. Try to use wood if you can – I feel that it helps to channel energy better than aluminum ones. Good hooks are well worth the investment! However, I am still, and forever will be, a slut for Susan Bates hooks.

  • Pick projects that are fun and useful. For example, try making a little coin purse to hold gemstones in your bag, make a scarf and sew charms on it for protection against the cold and negative emotions around you, try amigurumi animals for crochet familiars and guardians you can place around your home! Some people even knit and crochet tree sweaters!

  • I just recently discovered crochet mandalas and I loved them. One I created for Love is pictured above.

2. Painting. I do this second most often. I work with water based acrylic and canvas boards most of the time. I can’t quite get the hang of watercolors and I’m not ready for the commitment that oils take.

  • Pencil sigils on underneath a gesso layer if you prime your canvas.

  • Try some automatic painting. Some people do auto writing and I’ve tried painting in this way. It can be interesting to see what colors come through. I’ve set up my canvas, palette with all my colors and then just let the Universe guide me.

  • Mix colors that correspond with what you’re doing. Don’t think in colors that are realistic all the time. If you want to paint a blue willow tree for healing then go for it.

  • You can also paint things like the moon phases like I have!

3. Sculpting. I love working with clay although I don’t do it nearly enough. I’m currently working on little “Pagan Nativity’ scenes.

  • Mix colors in with clay if you get plain white, or buy clay that corresponds. Lots of working with color here! Place sigils on your work and incorporate them in! For a project I did I added moon glyphs to a Gaia statue. Yes, I know the moon glyphs aren't real Pagan but they're pretty so I went for it. Ignore poopy flash photo.

  • This is something you really just have to experiment around with and depends on the type of clay you get. If you can try to harvest some yourself!

4. Mixed Media. This is sort of a free for all category for me. I recently have become obsessed with reusing household materials to make new projects with isn’t strictly pagan per se, but I feel like I’m doing my best to keep Momma Earth safe and sound. Before you buy materials for projects see if you can make them yourself! There are plenty of dough recipes that you can use to make clay, for instance.

Me? I just made an art journal out of food boxes that were going to go into the recycling bin.

So, as you can see there are lots of ways you could use arts and any crafting that you do to enhance your spiritual path. There are many, many, MANY more ideas that I’m sure you could come up with that I haven’t listed. You can take pretty much any project that you have and turn it witchy.

Instead of an art journal, try making a spell book or little BOS out of boxes.

Paint your deities. Sculpt your spirit guide. Knit or sew little spell bags. Sew or crochet an altar cloth. Make an afghan for each of the seasons. Make yourself a prayer bead strand if beading is your thing. If you play an instrument then come up with hymns and chants and little songs for your path. (Anyone else a violin kid? Woohoo go Orchestra!) There are SO many things you can do – get out there and start looking!