Tarot is a Sacred Tool

That is, if you want it to be.

Hello hello, another Tarot Tuesday post coming atcha.

Today's prompt is: "Do you consider tarot cards to be a sacred tool? Do you consider the information you receive to be divine knowledge from the universe? If yes, why do you think this? If not, what do you believe?"

I am of the mindset that tarot is a sacred tool, because I treat my deck as such. I feel that the information given to me comes from Spirit - either deity, spirit spouse, spirit companions, spirit guides - whoever I'm connecting with and chatting with.

The tarot is the telephone that allows me to more easily have a conversation with the Higher Powers that I love and hold sacred.

Therefore, I treat the deck with respect. I logically know it's a bit of cardstock and ink, but I believe that the conversations the deck allows me to have are Important and Holy and so I extend that same respect to the tool itself.

I also believe that sometimes I'm just talking to the Deck itself. As I mentioned previously, this deck and I have been together a long time. I do feel that there is some sentience there - I am an animist, afterall - and so sometimes I'm just talking to the deck like I'm talking to a mentor and guide. Even so, I think that the knowledge is being pulled down from the universe, a tiny thread "phone line" that is being connected to myself.

Either way, I hold the information the Tarot gives me either as a Voice from a Higher Power, or it's Voice itself to be important spiritual information, so I treat the deck with respect.

I'm wondering how you feel? Comment below and let me know?

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