Teaching Yourself Tarot

This week's prompt is: "How did you learn to read your cards? Did you read about them or teach yourself another way? What worked best for you?"

I did touch on this a little bit last week if you want to go ahead and read that post first.

My first deck that I really clicked with was the Shadowscapes deck (pictured above). I first read with the deck in a very stuttered, halting manner. I would look up each card in the guidebook that came with it, and go card by card.

There were definitely times where I felt like this was too much and I couldn't keep going, however, I did keep going and just went nice and slow. It took me a few years in order to feel comfortable enough with each of the cards to get rid of the book.

I did this through study (copying down meanings in my tarot journal) and more hands on learning, such as meditation with the figures in the cards. It was only then, when I had working relationships with the figures that I was able to really, fully connect with them.

There is no one wrong way to learn tarot, I don't think, and my method might not work, and that's perfectly ok. I think that sharing a little bit of my own method might give alternative insight to those who aren't able to memorize book definitions and solely learning by rote.

How did you learn to read tarot? Do you still struggle? Let's chat about it!

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