The Hierophant Sucks

Welcome to our 4th Tarot Tuesday!

Today's prompt is: "Do you have a favorite card? A least favorite card? Why?"

So, the easy one, my favorite card, in the Shadowscapes specificaly, is the Queen of Cups. In the above image that's the figure wearing the blue dress with her arms outstretched. Gah, so gorgeous. I love that card so dang much. I love this Queen, she's radiating energy, joy, passion, vitality. Her creative energy knows no bounds. I want to emulate her nearly daily.

Least favorite? You've guessed it, The Hierophant. Why? You know, I'm not really sure. I've never connected with the card, the figure. Not just in Shadowscapes, but in nearly any deck I've used. I never remember what the archetypal meaning is, I struggle with reading the imagery. I just don't connect with it, at all. I'm still exploring why, but this hardship (the woo woo folks will tell me this is a sign to dive deeper into the card) just makes me wanna go "fine to hell with you too" and ignore him altogether.

How about you? Any favorite or least favorite cards? Lemme know!

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