Turning Down Clients

Today's prompt asks: "Have you ever refused to read cards for someone? If yes, why? What made you turn them down?"

Hoo weee yes indeedy! I have most certainly turned down several folks for readings!

Most often it's when they're incredibly rude, demanding my time, energy, and services with the expectation that they won't pay. HAH. Nope. Unless I specifically advertise a special or giveaway or something, all my readings are paid.

I put too much time and energy into reading for it to be a free service, unless we're already close friends and we're doing a trade or something.

In the past, however, I've had people lit.era.lly. message me "what do my cards say on X,Y,Z"

I would send them my price list and would usually get a nasty comment in return. Blocked. I don't have time to deal with rude people who aren't going to see the worth that I'm putting into the service.

Can you believe the nerve?! Do you think I was in the right, or too harsh?

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