Using Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads! Some folks love them, some hate them! This week's prompt is: "Do you read with a spread or do you just lay out cards? Which works best for you?"

Again, it depends! I find that spreads tend to work well for me when I need to inquire about a specific topic and need a firm outline to the story I'm trying to uncover.

If I'm doing a very casual reading then I'll just flip some cards until it clicks and feels like enough. If I'm reading for clients I'll almost always use a spread or else I end up flipping over way too many cards and undercharging for the service I'm providing!

Spreads are the Table of Contents to the story that you're about to read, so creating your own spreads can be very fulfilling. However there are also, roughly, a bajillion on sites like Pinterest that you can take a peek at. There are great spreads out there - there are also some that are meh. You'll have to poke around and see what style works for you!

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