• Who is this school for?

    • Adults ages 18 and older who want to experience the wonder of play, imagination, ​and creative freedom to let your inner child out full force in a safe, private, virtual environment.

    • This is a BDSM/age regression friendly space! Littles, Middles, Switches please apply!

    • This is NOT for those who are looking for sexual kink space. This is completely Safe For Work, child-like wonder friendly. 

  • How long is it?

    • 8 weeks long, starting Oct 5th, and going until Nov 23rd, 2020​

    • We will have one larger class Monday nights around 8 pm EST (unless majority votes on a different day) 

    • Throughout the week (Mon-Fri) there will be open activities, challenges, prompts etc! We'll have circle time, arts & crafts, snack time, nap time - just like preschool! 

    • Weekends there is no school.

  • Where will this take place?

    • A private Discord server​ (instructions will be given after acceptance letters go out!)

  • If it's virtual, how will students be able to participate in activities?

    • I'm so glad you asked! As a part of your tuition, each student will receive a school kit in the mail! It will have the supplies needed for the specialty activities. This way, we'll all have the same materials and can come together to play no matter where we're located! ​

  • Do students needs to supply anything themselves? 

    • Very basic household materials such as scissors will not be supplied. All specific materials will be in your kits however (including a super secret envelope you can only open on the last day of classes)

  • Is this open internationally?

    • As long as the student is able to make the class times and fully participate they may apply! ​

  • I want to apply, but I work - I'm afraid I have no time for this!! 

    • I totally get it, which is why this is FLEXIBLE. The discord channels will be open so you can pop in and out of conversations when you're able. ​

    • The Monday night lessons will have a slide show presentation so you can catch up on that as well. 

    • There will be text transcriptions and notes provided for your binder as well. You won't miss anything and you're free to catch up on weekends or nights - whenever you have time! 

Application Process

First step is to download the application LOCATED HERE. 

Please fill out your application and then email it to: untamedpriestess@gmail.com with the subject line: "p(re)school application - Your Name"
All instructions will be in the application! 


This program is offered on a sliding scale from $333 to $555. Please indicate where you are on the scale on the application form! 

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