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Logo for the p(re)school program. Features a cartoon rainbow with the words with Miss Autumn

 Please note that things will be shifting just a bit for Spring 2021! 

  • Who is this school for?

    • Adults ages 18 and older who want to experience the wonder of play, imagination, ​and creative freedom to let your inner child out full force in a safe, private, virtual environment.

    • Adults who want to tackle inner child work, but might not be interested in playtime!

      • This is a BDSM/age regression friendly space! Littles, Middles, Switches please apply!

      • This is NOT for those who are looking for sexual kink space. This is completely Safe For Work, child-like wonder friendly. 

  • How long is it?

    • 5 weeks long, starting March 1st, and going until March 31st, 2021.

  • Where will this take place?

    • A private Discord server​ (instructions will be given after acceptance letters go out!)

What's different this round? 

There are now three different ways to interact with p(re)school for the spring semester. 

The Inner Track

This is for folks who are serious about their introspective work and want to deeply know and work with their inner child. 
There will be 5 classes on Monday nights 8pm EST that will consist of lecture, a guided meditation, journaling prompts and more to help you connect to your inner child and connect both inner child and adult self. 
This track comes with a workbook/journal combo that will be mailed to you. 
TuitionThis is on a sliding scale from $111 to $333 (including the workbook.) 

The Outer Track
This is for those who are serious about play and embodying your inner child. If you're interested in shedding the shyness, investing in fun, play, and relaxation in a safe, supportive community then this will be for you. 
This will take place on Saturdays 2pm EST and will consist of Circle Time, songs, dancing, activities, fun and play. 
Furthermore there will be a drop-in availability for those who may not be able to make every session.  
This comes with an optional school kit for purchase that will have crafting materials for our activities. 
Tuition: Drop-in rate is $33 per class. If you sign up for all 5 the rate is $133. The school kit is an optional $50. 

The Balanced Track
As you might have guessed from the name - this is the option that combines both Inner and Outer tracks for the full program - both Mondays and Saturdays. 
You will get the workbook and the kit with this option. 
For those interested there will also be a bonus class on bringing Little Space to the Real World in a respectful, incognito fashion. 
Tuition: This is on a sliding scale from $444 to $888 and includes the workbook, the school kit, and the bonus class.
For those at the $888 level you will also have access to The Retreat.

The Retreat

For those who want to dive even deeper, there will be a two day virtual retreat on the 17th and 18th of April 2021. This will include a combination of tracks and will have an inner child work on Saturday, as well as play and fun mostly on Sunday. 
Tuition: This is on a sliding scale from $44 to $111 and will include scholarship positions as available. 

Application Process: Fill out the application found HERE, and then email it back to 


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