Rose Quartz Clear & Charge Attunement

Rose Quartz Clear & Charge Attunement


The Rose Quartz Clear & Charge is a distant/self-attunement that aligns you with the energies of the rose quartz stone for self-healing and self-love energy healing. 


Upon attunement the energies will cleanse the energy body of any old, negative energies that one is ready to let go of. 

It then fills the open spaces with the gentle, healing power of rose quartz. 


The digital PDF manual is 8 pages long and has the full information on the system, the invocation ritual process for the attunement, and how to attune a stone to the energy frequency as well. 


For more information on what an attunement is, please see THIS blog post.
This will be given through my Waterfall distant attunement process, which you can read a bit more about HERE at this post. 

Please note: no physical products will be shipped. No in person attunements will take place. This is entirely self-led, although I am available for questions through email. 

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