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Seeking clarity, guidance, and a touch of magic in your life journey? The Discernment spread is an 11 card spread utilizing oracle cards to help you get a glimpse of your current situation to help you gain clarity before making a life decision.

✨ What to Expect:
🌟 Deep Dive: This spread utilizes 11 cards – and is an alternative to the classic “Celtic Cross” spread. This spread is part oracle insight, part coaching and you may have questions coming back to you that you address versus spoon-fed answers. This spread is a collaborative effort.
🌟 Personalized Insights: Each reading is tailored to address your unique questions and concerns, offering insights into various aspects of your life.
🌟 Intuitive Guidance: Gain clarity and direction as the cards unveil hidden truths and empower you to make informed decisions.
🌟 Spiritual Connection: All me to help you tap into the energy of the universe and unlock the wisdom that resides within you, guiding you towards fulfillment and growth.

💫 How It Works:
🌟 Fill out the contact form letting me know what questions, concerns, or obstacles you’re facing. This is where you’ll let me know what the focus of the reading is on.
🌟 Purchase your reading: once your reading is purchased I will add you to my queue and you’ll receive your reading within 7 business days. All readings will take place in sacred ritual space. All readings will be emailed as a PDF with photos of your cards. You will be able to email me back with up to 2 clarifying questions.
🌟 Embrace the Magic: Open your heart and mind to the enchanting world of divination, and let the universe unfold its secrets before you.


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