Welcome to The Temple, Wild One.

The Untamed Temple is a 5 week program for all adults who want guidance as they do the Inner Work (often called Shadow Work) through a context of ritual, spellwork, and community. 

Every week you will get in touch with your Inner Wild One - the part of you, of your soul, that has been beaten down, and back because of societal pressures and the fear of your "shadow" being seen. 

Inner Work can be hard and messy. We all need a care plan and community. That's what the Temple is - space to explore, nurture, and heal. 

The program will be taking place on Discord.
In 2021 it will be running in April, May, August, and October. 

We will do this work through a combination of daily practice, weekly classes, ritual, spellwork, meditation, journaling, and more. 

Investment in Yourself: Sliding Scale $555.00 - $888.00 
Payment plans are available. 

Steps to Apply: Watch this space for the application which will go up in January 2021. Once you fill out the application, email it and necessary documents to untamedpriestess@gmail.com 

In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out at untamedpriestess@gmail.com 


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