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The Untamed Temple. Rediscover your inner temple. relight your soul fires. launching october 2021



dark, gloomy forest

The Temple is still there... it may be hidden deeply, covered in cobwebs and mosses, its chambers darkened for many moons...but it's there, and your Inner Wild One is waiting for you...

The Wild One can help us live our lives in alignment with our true inner knowing and soul purpose.

Within this wildly unstable world, the Soul Fires are the 9 Flames in which we can give ourselves a solid foundation to move forward in authenticity.


Our Inner Soul Flames are those burning passions that lead us through the shadowy realms, those pinpricks of light on the horizon that seem just out of reach. 

The 9 Soul Flames that we'll rediscover and relight are :











This will be an online program. There will be 3 immersions, and we will work with 3 flames for each immersion. 

Immersion Dates
November 12-17, 2021
March 18-23, 2022
July 15-20, 2022

In between immersions participants will be welcomed to the Untamed Offerings - a Discord server where there will be chat channels for support as well as access to supplemental materials

woman blindfolded with lace, holding a taper candle. one hand shields the flame. woman is light skinned, wearing deep red lipstick, dressed in black. the photo is dreamy, and spooky

Application and Payment Process

No payment is due with the application. 
You will receive notice on if you were accepted into the program within 5 days from the time the application is submitted. 
At that time there are two payment options that can be chosen. 

Payment Options

Full Program cost is $5555.00
Early Bird/September 2021 Pricing: $4,000 (Saves $1,555) Pay in full Only. 

No payment is due with the application. After you have been notified of acceptance into the program you have 2 weeks to make either the payment in full of $5,000 (saves $555) 


A deposit of $555 to hold your place, then monthly payments until you are paid in full. These payments can be somewhat flexible and I will work with you during this process.

The tuition costs includes any supplemental materials, both online and physical that will be mailed to your home. 

All tuition fees are non-refundable. 


Rev Autumn, The Untamed Priestess, is committed to remaining sustainable while still keeping the work accessible for individuals of diverse backgrounds and/or with variable resources.


There is limited payment assistance and limited partial scholarships available.

If you would like to request such assistance, please indicate this on your application. 
I especially welcome requests for payment assistance and scholarships from individuals belonging to groups that have been historically and systemically marginalized, including but not limited to members of the LGBTQIA+ community and BIPOC.

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