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Moving to Mondays at 4pm EST as of June 14th, 2021

The Woo Woo Book Club is born from my need of community accountability and the desire to try to love myself a little bit more. 

A couple towns over there's a very cute, woo woo café. On each table they offer an oracle deck for patrons to shuffle through while having tea, or organic kale salads.

The deck that was on my table during one visit was Louise Hay's affirmation deck. I then looked up who Louise Hay was, and why she was prominent in the New Age community. I also read a lot about how people discredited her, her work, and what she believed in as being "too woo woo," "too fluffy." 

In my immediate spiritual communities, work like this is often shunned and scoffed at, and so I deterred away from it as well. 
I came across her book titled "Mirror Work" and flipped through, and saw that the information and exercises there were actually profound, and wanted to tackle this self-love, self-transformation work, but the internalized edge-lord in me laughed at the idea. 

I decided to try anyway, and wanted community and accountability. That's where the Woo Woo Book Club comes in. 
Find all the details below - I hope to see you there! 
Book: Louise Hay's Mirror Work. You do not need the book to participate. You may want a journal, pen, and water. 
When: Mondays 4pm EST
Where: Google Meets (just click!) 


- Quick round table - names and pronouns
- Sharing of how the previous week's work went for those who want to share.
- Current Week of Work which includes the mirror affirmations, journaling prompts, Heart Thought, and meditation. We journal together, and also do the meditation together. The affirmations are done through the week and are then reported on during Sunday's meeting. 

Find Past Work HERE.

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