Rev. Autumn, CLC (fae/faer - she/her - they/them) is an ordained Pagan Minister and Empowerment Coach for Femme-Affirmative folks as well as a tarot reader, a mindfulness facilitator, a Pagan Witch, a wife, a mother (to the cutest little lionhead bunny named Marshmallow) and a bunch of other labels! 

Most of faer training and resources are aimed at femme-affirmative folks: women, NB/femme people, queer folks, or anyone who wants to bring more balance to the "fem" and "masc" archetypes into their lives! 


Through the use of coaching, spiritual guidance, spellwork, and ritual, clients of The Untamed Priestess will become empowered to take control of their rights, and life while living authentically without fear or doubt.


Autumn chose to focus on Empowerment coaching for femmes after working on several psychic tarot hotlines - yup fae were the ones on the other end of the line when you dialed in for 15 cents a minute! -  and noticed that faer clients were the same type of people - women desperate to find love, acceptance, and belonging but were going about it in a way that was potentially toxic. 

Rev. Autumn wants each individual client to feel like they don't have to seek out "The One," or to be so scared of being alone that they convince themselves that the man they saw on the bus one time was their soulmate. 

Empowerment is having the courage to live exuberantly for yourself first and foremost. It's having the courage to live according to your morals and values. It's having the confidence to construct and raise boundaries that will be best for your mental and emotional health. 

Rev. Autumn helps with all of this and more. 

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