Diversity and Inclusion Policy

This policy is based on an outline by the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood.

 The Untamed Priestess is firmly committed to building space and community that is inclusive of all mature people who are willing to be in spiritual space with other like-minded individuals.

  1. I respect and welcome all persons regardless of color, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, size, class, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  2. Spaces I host and control are safe and consent-based spaces. Unsafe behaviors and words that target or marginalize people including but not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ethnicism, sizeism, ableism and other prejudicial and discriminatory behaviors will not be tolerated. This includes both physical and online spaces I host and control.
  3. I stand and act in solidarity with People of Color, women, ethnic and gender minority people, and all those who suffer systemic oppression and prejudicial treatment in our society.
  4. I affirm the moral right and duty of religious leaders to take positive action to seek justice for the people I serve, and thus I am committed to becoming as anti-racist as I possibly can. I acknowledge that this is not an end goal, but a journey in which I will make mistakes. I affirm that I am actively learning from those mistakes.
  5. I am committed to the active practice of justice and inclusivity, and am constantly striving to do better. I welcome feedback from my community to help me continually act in the service of all community members, and I am committed to listening.