Community Agreements & Shared Values

These community agreements are baseline agreements that we will uphold in co-creation.  These agreements are essential to protecting the integrity of our spaces and the well-being of the participant within it.

In spaces that I create, we will honor each other’s individual paths and personal power and are invited to become a mirror when asked. Furthermore, we honor confidentiality – what is said in our circles, remains in our circles.

As a participant in the spaces I create you have the right to a safe, sacred container.
You have the right to ask for what you need to feel supported, within the limits of the container and my training.
You have the right to the mirror and witness continuum.
We honor body kindness.
Tend to your body as you need – including bathroom breaks, snacks, movement, or bowing out of ritual if you need to.
We honor psyche kindness.
Tend to your psyche as needed. Some work can be intense. If you need to end or pause because of mental and emotional needs, please do so.

Values integral to my offerings and spaces are personal autonomy, curiosity, and compassion.

If conflict arises within the spaces I create we will pause. Take a breath. Talk about what has arisen and what we each need to feel safe and supported.