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Image of white and purple flowers, with long dark green blade like leaves behind them.

Mission Statement

The Untamed Priestess' mission is to empower femme-affirmative people through the use of spiritual guidance, coaching and other techniques so that they live authentically without fear or doubt. 

Femme-affirmative does not mean that clients must identify as femme. Rather, those who are femme -affirmative align with inclusive feminism ideology, and are comfortable with recognizing that the hetero-normative, oppressive patriarchy has no place within my spaces. 

I warmly welcome those who are masculine - cis, trans, or somewhere in between - who are able to work through any privilege they may have due to their masculine presentation in the world that honors and uplifts masculinity.
You need not be female, or femme, or feminine but you must not be part of the toxic masculine. 


Vision Statement

The Untamed Priestess has a vision of a world where everyone is free to live their lives with truth, honesty, authenticity, and courage in peace and safety. 

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