You know there's more to this spiritual world than just 'love and light' and you're desperate to change the world with your gifts.

You embrace the ugly, raw, and natural. You need more in your life than superficiality. 

You're ready to dive deep and get your hands messy. You’re ready to raise your voice and grab the stifling patriarchy by the balls. You're a real untamed bitch who desires a supportive sisterhood, built on ritual and magic to help you forge your crown and dominate the world. 



You're a helper, a healer, a mystical baddie who dreads being caught in a 9 to 5. You know you're meant for something more, you long to be free and wild.

You crave sisterhood, a community of like-minded women, which includes your queer, trans, and other femme identifying sisters.

If this sounds like you, then I'd love to have you join the next coming Untamed Temple, starting August 31st, and going for 10 jam-packed weeks. 


We're going to start changing the world, and it starts with you. 


Once payment has been processed, you'll be invited to the secret Facebook group, where a majority of the work is going to happen.

Here's what you'll receive when you say YES to yourself: 

Lifetime access to the Secret Facebook Group

Daily ceremony

Daily meditation


Weekly email with journaling prompts and other digital goodies

Weekly private, 1:1 coaching session

Weekly group ritual

Weekly challenges

Physical goodies mailed to you at the end of the program, including a ceremony kit.
In-person ritual for those who are local (online ritual for those who cannot make it.) 


For super active members there will also be a giveaway, an initiation ceremony, and a certificate of completion as a reminder that you're a real bad-ass.