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Embracing Empowerment: Our Mission to Inspire and Heal

Hello, beautiful! I’m thrilled to share a piece of my heart with you today. My mission has always been to create a nurturing space where women can find empowerment, strength, and a sense of community. Over the years, this journey has been incredibly fulfilling, and I’m constantly seeking new ways to support and uplift each of you. Today, I’m excited to introduce a new layer to our mission: Inner Child Healing Work.

My Mission

From the beginning, back when I first started The Untamed Priestess after working the tarot hotlines, my goal has been clear – to empower women to live their best lives. This means embracing our authentic selves, celebrating our unique strengths, and supporting each other through every challenge and triumph. Whether it’s through inspiring social media posts, engaging blog content, or helpful tools like planners and wellness guides, my aim is to provide resources that help you thrive.

Empowerment is not just a buzzword for me; it’s a way of life. It’s about recognizing our worth, setting healthy boundaries, and pursuing our dreams with confidence. It’s about building a community where we lift each other up and cheer each other on. And now, I’m excited to expand this mission to include a profound and transformative journey: Inner Child Healing Work.

Introducing Inner Child Healing Work

Inner Child Healing is a powerful tool for personal growth and emotional well-being. It involves connecting with the child within us – the part of ourselves that holds our earliest experiences, emotions, and memories. This child often carries the wounds and unmet needs from our past, which can impact our present lives in ways we might not even realize.

By engaging in Inner Child Healing Work, we can address these old wounds, offer ourselves the love and care we needed back then, and create a more harmonious and joyful present. This process is about nurturing that inner child, listening to their needs, and allowing them to feel seen and heard. It’s about healing old scars and creating a solid foundation for our future selves.

Why Inner Child Healing Matters

Inner Child Healing is crucial because it helps us understand and transform the patterns that hold us back. Many of our adult behaviors, fears, and emotional reactions are rooted in our childhood experiences. By reconnecting with our inner child, we can uncover these roots and begin the healing process.

This work is incredibly empowering. It allows us to reclaim our power from past hurts and step into a brighter, more authentic version of ourselves. It’s a journey of self-discovery, self-compassion, and profound transformation. And it’s a journey I’m honored to take with you.

How I’ll Integrate Inner Child Healing

Incorporating Inner Child Healing into our community will involve a variety of resources and practices. From guided meditations and journal prompts to workshops and interactive content, we’ll explore different ways to connect with and heal our inner child. These tools will be designed to help you at your own pace, providing gentle guidance and support as you embark on this transformative journey.

A few years ago I ran a program called p(re)school, which is where adults get a re-do on the concept of preschool! It was so fun and successful and I may be bringing this program back, so stay tuned!

Join Me on This Journey

I’m so excited about this new chapter and the potential it holds for all of us. Inner Child Healing is a powerful addition to our mission of empowerment, and I believe it will bring even more depth and richness to our community. Together, we can heal, grow, and create a life filled with joy, love, and empowerment.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

Be well, love you!


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