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3 Tips for Healing Feminine Wounding

The term “feminine wound” refers to the collective pain, conditioning, and suppression that women have endured throughout history most often at the hands of toxic patriarchy, often leading to a disconnection from authentic self and inherent power.

Here are 3 easy tips on how you can heal your own feminine wounding!

🌙 Honor Your Body’s Cues
Sometimes we get so busy that we find ourselves living on auto-pilot. When you start to feel frazzled or fatigued, that’s not a cue to double down and work harder. It’s your body and mind telling you that you need a break. Listen to them. Taking back your time and energy is a radical act that pushes pause on the hustle culture that patriarchy has ground into us. Taking time to be, to simply exist is an act of feminine defiance. Lean into Divine Justice and honor the beautiful body that is the vessel for your soul.

🌙 Set Boundaries
Treat your self-care commitments from the step above like any other appointment or event. Block out that time and alert the people in your life that you’ll be taking some you time. If you don’t act on the cue’s your body is giving you then what’s the point of acknowledging them? You need to actually set aside that time and take care of you.
Boundaries relating to other parts of your life, not just the self-care are also so important for healing the wounded feminine. Don’t allow yourself to be so passive that you become a door mat.

🌙 Lean into Community
Finding your people, your circle might take some time, but being able to lean into community instead of isolating when feeling run down is also important work. Viewing other women as the “enemy” is part of the feminine #SisterWound that allows toxic patriarchy to keep on winning. Instead of looking at other women as competition, lean into like-minded women and communities.

I hope these 3 easy tips to help heal the feminine wound have helped you and given you some ideas on how to help heal yourself!

Be well, love you!

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