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[Guest Blog Post] Overcome Obstacles and Grow through Mindset work (with journal prompts!)

By Alyse Grimm, Owner and Creator of, and

Mindset work. This topic may seem out of place or like it doesn’t fit the theme of business and overcoming obstacles, however, believe me, it does. Mindset work is a game changer when it comes to how you face adversity, address challenges and rise up to meet them. 

So what does that word even mean? What is mindset work? Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you see yourself, your world and your abilities. These sets of beliefs can include how you feel about your ability to meet adversity and challenge, how you integrate and grow from challenges, how you value yourself and much more. This goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship and empowerment because your ability to believe in yourself (or not) will influence the outcome of your endeavors.

If you begin the process of creating a new path for yourself and the entire time you’re scared of how others will see you or if they will judge you, if you worry that you are not worthy of a life you love, if you constantly tell yourself that you shouldn’t bother because it will all flop – you’re right. It probably will.

You need to shift the focus and see through the lens of opportunities. If you trust yourself to figure it out, if you believe that not knowing the outcome means the possibilities of success are endless, if you open yourself up to learning and growing then you will be setting yourself up for success.

Mindset work is best when practiced daily. There are many ways to incorporate this work into your life and one of the best tools for this (in my opinion) is journaling. I have been journaling almost every morning for many years and it has been truly transformative. 

Journaling doesn’t have to mean sitting down and writing out a recap of the previous day. You can certainly include this type of content, however, it goes far beyond that. If you aren’t sure what to write about, consider journaling gratitudes. This can be as simple as writing a list of the things you are grateful for in that moment. They don’t need to be complex – it could be a gratitude about how lovely the first sip of your morning coffee was. It can be as deep as a gratitude about someone important in your life. Just write something down. Recognizing all of the good you have in your life is a fantastic way to bring more good into your world. Science tells us that like attracts like, after all. If you’d like some journal prompts to get the ideas flowing, the following list is for you:

  • (Money) How would I feel if I made all of the money I ever wanted? How would that change my world?
  • (Money) When I think about millionaires and billionaires – how does that make me feel? Happy? Jealous? Motivated?
  • (Money) Read the following statement and journal about how it makes you feel: “Money is neither good nor evil. It is neutral and a tool. A resource.”
  • (Money) How do my parents treat money or feel about money? When I was growing up, how did they speak about money and careers? Did any of that carry over into my own beliefs?
  • (Lifestyle) If I woke up tomorrow living my dream life, what would that look like?
  • (Lifestyle) What change in my life am I resisting? Why is that? What is the root of that fear?
  • (Lifestyle) Often times negative situations still provide an opportunity for growth or life lessons. Are there times where I have grown from something that initially seemed negative? Or maybe a time where I did not get something I thought I wanted but it turned out to be for the better?
  • (Lifestyle) If I could tell my younger self one thing what would it be? If my future self could speak to me and provide a message what would it potentially be?
  • (Career) If I could do whatever I wanted in life for my career, what would it be? Money is no obstacle, judgment from others is not a thing and I am guaranteed to succeed. What would the career be?
  • (Career) Is there a certain topic or field that I am constantly pulled towards?
  • (Career) How would I feel if my next business endeavor went amazingly? What emotions would that potentially bring up? Happiness? Fear or anxiety?
  • (Career) How would I feel if my friends and family saw my new business ventures? Shy? Proud? Anxious? Fear of being seen and fear of judgment is a very real thing for many people. Do I experience any of that when considering their reactions?
  • (Self care) What expectations do I have of myself? Do any of those harm me or need to be released?
  • (Self care) What does my inner self talk sound like? Is it positive and supportive? Negative and harmful?
  • (Self care) What are ten things that make me a good friend and a good person? List them out.
  • (Self care) What does my morning routine look like? Are there areas that could be improved on to set a positive tone for the day?

After thinking these deep questions through, be sure to incorporate some self care. Have some quiet time, sit in stillness with a cup of hot tea, dive into a good book. Be sure to take care of yourself. Taking the time to reflect and turn inward, to work on mindset and pull apart any limiting beliefs can be stressful, tiring, possibly upsetting and sometimes intense. However it is always worth it. It is also freeing, liberating, transformative. I wish you all the best on your path to reaching the greatest version of yourself. 


Alyse Grimm is a Salem local and is the content creator and marketing expert behind, and

Alyse has been mastering content creation, social media, marketing and digital media for almost ten years and has been an entrepreneur since her early 20’s. Alyse and her work have been featured on websites such as The Travel Belles, Atlas Adrift, She Goes Global, The Savvy Social Hour, HostGator and Creative Collective. Alyse has also taught several workshops at the Enterprise Center at Salem State.

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  1. These are fantastic journaling prompts, and such a helpful reminder on how mindset work is CORE. Thank you!

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