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[Guest Blog Post] S&M : The Power Of Sex & Majick

Thotful Thursdays | Astrid Hannah Powell

*the word Majick will be spelled with a J instead of the traditional G per preference of the author*

For centuries, women vs. sexuality has been an ongoing battle with societal expectations. What is a woman? Is she dainty? Is she dirty? Is she virginal? Is she experienced? Forever and day, we have had people (men AND women) projecting their views onto us from girlhood, onwards. 

To defy the norms of what is acceptable and appropriate, to be unapologetic and authentic to how you feel and who you are is SO INCREDIBLY TABOO, even still to this day. But that is slowly, and surely, changing!

In recent years, the explosion of self discovery through witchcraft has completely taken over! From platforms like TikTok (witchtok) and YouTube to articles written by the likes of Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue, all things Sex & Majick have come together in a big way.

As a Sex Majick practitioner myself, it’s taken me years to find what I do (and don’t) enjoy, what makes me feel powerful,  even things I’m intrigued or intimidated by.  And through all my explorations, trials and tribulations I find I’m still learning and growing.  

So how does this wondrous combination of sensuality and mysticism help not only create, but curate your personal power and connect you to your divine feminine self?

I’ll tell you! 

Let’s start with the basics – the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is essentially a philosophy that proclaims the belief that if you think positive thoughts, you attract positivity into your life, and vice versa if you think negatively you attract negativity into your life. I personally refer to this as Manifestation but the Law of Attraction is the foundation of Manifestation in my opinion and experience. Call it what you will, wishful thinking or lucky girl syndrome, whatever whatever etcetera. And though there are many components of the Law of Attraction that become the formula for true manifestation, the main idea is : Think it, Believe it, Receive it! 

Sex on the other hand, is a  much more personal and dare I say intense experience than the practice of the Law of Attraction. Sex (whether solo or partnered) has always been seen as a pure and true  state of being figuratively and literally naked. It’s what makes us feel intimately connected to ourselves and others, under consenting circumstances. 

Intimacy itself in it’s purest form is trust and vulnerability paired with the emotional and spiritual bonds between self and whatever your intentions include. And furthermore it has been thought of and believed that the Orgasm is one of the most powerful forces of majick.

Combining the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the Law of attraction, Manifestation, Intimacy and of course Sex provide the ultimate conduit for amplifying your power, creating your reality, and not to sound corny but making your dreams come true. 

A dream is a wish your heart makes, after all. 

Does that mean utilizing your erogenous zones for extra oomph in making that wish come true a bad thing? I think not – In fact I think the complete opposite! 

But what is the Divine Feminine?

In life there is often talk of Masculine and Feminine; a balance, a harmony of sorts, also known as Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine). Inside everyone there is both, even if one is more prominent or favored than the other. 

Why is this inner Divine Feminine connection important?

The Divine Feminine specifically is all about connecting to your own intuition, empathy, creativity, nurturing and interconnectedness. Without these beautiful qualities, the world as well as ourselves would be inherently dull and cease to exist in my personal opinion. 

In practice, the gist of the sacred ceremony of Sex Majick includes – but is not limited to – visualization, arousal, action, building intention, climax and fruition. 

Imagine that Divine Feminine energy inside yourself awakening, imagine all that you want and desire coming to you in the moment. And then in the heat of that moment, for a brief few seconds in time, as flashes of ecstasy radiate through your body and soul, you allow all you wish for to come to you – and then you rest.

When you marry embracing our sensually sexual  selves with the beauty of our Divine Feminine power and add intention into the mix, I truly conclude that anything is possible.

*Link to a gorgeously written viewpoint by Abby McHale can be found here :

Bio : Astrid Hannah Powell is a psychic & witch from Salem Ma. She currently is working on becoming a self love coach and offers private readings as well as spellwork and mediumship @AstridTheOracle on Instagram and Facebook. Use code UNTAMED for a FREE FemmePowerment reading! This reading will show your hidden strengths and how to utilize them, as well as what Tarot card represents your Feminine Power!

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13 thoughts on “[Guest Blog Post] S&M : The Power Of Sex & Majick”

  1. This post on the power of sex and majick is so enlightening! I love how it blends sensuality with spiritual empowerment. It’s a beautiful reminder of the transformative power we hold within. Thank you for sharing such profound insights!

  2. This post on the power of sex and majick is incredibly enlightening and empowering! I appreciate how you blend the principles of the Law of Attraction with the deeply personal and transformative experience of sex. Your insights on using our sensuality as a tool for manifestation and connecting with our divine feminine energy are truly inspiring. The emphasis on self-discovery, empowerment, and breaking free from societal norms is so refreshing. Thank you for sharing such a profound and liberating perspective.

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