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5 Ways to Raise Your Energy

✨ There are definitely days when we all feel like we’re in a slump. Between work, relationships, friendships, the political climate of the world, and anything else the Universe throws our way, it can be hard to feel like you’re at 100%. Allowing yourself to feel your full range of emotions is necessary and healthy, but staying in the slump for too long will keep your from moving forward, from reaching your goals, and keep you in victim mindset, which really just lets toxic patriarchy win. We definitely don’t need that! Plus, raising your energetic vibration can make you feel happier, healthier, whole, more in alignment with your spirituality, which in turn allows you to work on that empowerment and healing of the wounded feminine.

Here are 5 ways that you can work on raising that energy vibration so that you can continue to rock #DivineJustice and #DefeatPatriarchy.

💎 Gemstones – Each gemstone has it’s own energetic vibration and by keeping them nearby, in your pocket or bra, or holding onto them can help integrate these energies into your energetic field. My favorite gentle stone for healing is green aventurine!

⚡️Music – Choose relaxing instrumentals and allow the sound frequencies/vibrations to work their magic. One of my favorite artists is Adrian von Ziegler. I use his music when in ritual and have for almost a decade now!

🌞 Laughter – Scientists have stated that laughter has some really awesome health benefits. Look up some laugh therapy videos, or just look at yourself in the mirror and let out a chuckle! Laughter therapy doesn’t have to be genuine for it to work too! Try it out – let out a pathetic “ha….ha.” Keep going and if you’re like me then soon you’ll be laughing at yourself and feeling less stressed, which in turn raises that energy vibration. This is one of my FAVORITE ways to instantly change the mood. Yes I look and sound silly, yes my wife looks at me like I’ve lost my last marble, but it’s so fun that soon I’m full belly laughing and my mood is so much better.

🌈 Meditation – If you follow my stories on IG you’ll see that I use the @insighttimerapp to help with my meditation practice and I’ve loved the results! I am currently on a 560+ day streak of at least 1 minute of mindfulness and meditation and my life has been SO much better because of it. There are tons of types of meditation too – don’t think you need to sit in silence and boredom!

🌊 Water – Drinking more water can help your body flush toxins both physical and energetic – plus your skin will thank you for keeping hydrated!

🌳 Bonus: Nature – Even if you can only crack open a window for a few minutes a day, please get some fresh air! Take a walk around the perimeter of your house, visit the apartment building’s courtyard, enjoy your deck, porch, backyard, just step outside your front door and into the air for a few minutes, it’ll help!

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