Weather Magic

I live in New England, and one of the sayings around here goes a little something like: "Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes." You can wake up freezing with frost on your car in the morning, and by mid afternoon need to crank the AC. It's weird, but it's home. Using the weather can be a wonderful way to tap into your spirituality on the daily. Below are some tips on how to use different weather in your spiritual path!

Rain Collect that rain water!! Rain water is lovely for healing work. Water from thunderstorms really packs a punch and is great for cleansing. You can use this water in cleansing room sprays, spellwork, to make elixirs, to draw sigils on your skin (make sure the rain water doesn't have harmful chemical or icky roof runoff in it.)


Snow can be collected and melted down so you have a gentle cleansing. Blizzard snow has buzzy energy and can be really awesome for freezing hexes and curses.


Use the power of the sun to charge tools that you want to have a solar alignment with, like your athame, or sunstone. Be careful not to leave them out too long, as the sun as a bleaching effect.

On the other hand, if you want some SERIOUS cleansing, leave the object out in the sun for that bleaching power.


Use the fog for glamour work, for cloaking, hiding. You can use the fog clearing as a way to see the truth of a matter at hand, at unveiling someone or something.


You can use the cloud cover for similar things as Fog, or you can choose this time to do cursing or hex work.

Wind Strong wind storms can be used in a few ways. 1. Send messages to the universe Write prayers, intentions, affirmations, etc. onto leaves and throw them into the wind. You could also write notes to loved ones who have passed, notes to your ancestors or to your spirit guides. Know that they will reach the ears and eyes of the intended parties. 2. Banish Write any traits or things you wish to remove from yourself or your life on the leaves and toss them into the wind. Throw them, turn and walk away. Don’t look back and know that it is done. 3. Collect fallen branches to make tools A fallen branch could present a new wand to you, or a new tool for inscribing candles. Be sure to leave and offering as thanks for the gift(s).

How do you use the weather in your area to tap into spirituality?

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