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The Science of Affirmations

Affirmations have become a sort of buzz word/tool. We hear them everywhere – coaches, therapists, mentors globally have been talking about affirmations, but has anyone explained why they work?

Each Monday I share a new affirmation to set up our week – I figured I might as well share why I, and so many others, use such tools!

Affirmations work by tapping into the fascinating realm of neuroplasticity. Our brains are incredibly adaptable, constantly rewiring themselves based on our thoughts and experiences. When we repeat positive affirmations, we’re essentially rewiring our brains to focus on the positive. As one of my professors said in my classes at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: “neurons the fire together, wire together.”

Here’s how it works: Our brains have a built-in bias known as the “confirmation bias.” This means they seek out evidence to support our beliefs. So, if we repeatedly tell ourselves negative statements like “I’m not good enough,” our brains will actively look for proof to confirm that belief, even if it’s unfounded.

But when we flip the script and embrace positive affirmations like “I am capable” or “I attract success,” our brains start seeking evidence to support these new beliefs instead. This rewiring process doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent practice, it can lead to profound shifts in our mindset and behavior.

Moreover, affirmations have a tangible impact on our brain chemistry. They stimulate the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, promoting a positive mood and overall well-being.

So, by incorporating affirmations into our daily routine, we’re not just indulging in wishful thinking; we’re actively shaping our brains for success, happiness, and empowerment.

Next time you doubt yourself, remember the power of your words. Your brain is listening, and it’s ready to support you on your journey to empowerment.

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