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Your Suffering Wasn’t for Nothing

This post is dedicated to me, to my past self. I hope that it resonates with you too. 🌙

You have not suffered in vain. All of the pain, all of the heartbreak, obstacles, fears and anxieties, depression, all the imposter syndrome. All of these things have taught you what is actually important.

Remember that these feelings teach you new things about yourself each time you feel them. All of the anger teaches you when a boundary is crossed. All of the anxiety teaches you priorities.
Your suffering has taught you things, even when you didn’t want to be taught. Even thought it was unfair, unjust, cruel. All of your stories have made you who you are today.

Should some of those things have happened? No. Does it make them right? No. Does this justify your pain and suffering? Absolutely not.

Does this mean that you are able to look back and make some sort of peace with all of the pain, and will you allow yourself to release victimhood to move forward instead of being stuck and stagnant in that mentality that because bad things have happened to do, you can no longer move on, or move forward? I hope so.

I sincerely hope that you are able to remember that making peace with your pain and suffering does not mean that you are condoning it, but rather means that you are owning and taking charge of and transforming that pain so that you are able to live in spite of the attempts at dimming your own brilliance.

Be well, love you.

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