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Unlock Your Creativity: Practices & Prompts

Hello hello! 🌟 You might have seen that over on my Instagram, each Friday I offer either a Practice or a Prompt. These are journaling or action prompts to get you moving and inspired. I post them on Fridays as most people tend to have a little more time to dedicate to themselves over the weekend, versus during the work week. It’s this sort of timing that leads me to post Affirmations on Mondays.

Now, let’s talk about action. We all love a good read, right? Books, articles, inspirational quotes — they inspire us, educate us, and are gorgeous tools. But here’s the thing: real change, real growth, comes from action. It’s about getting your hands dirty, figuratively (sometimes literally) speaking, and actively engaging with the world around you. “Practices & Prompts” are designed to nudge you gently but firmly towards action. They’re not just about consuming information; they’re about embodying it, living it, breathing it.

And here’s the beautiful twist: “Practices & Prompts” aren’t meant to be the end-all-be-all. Nope, they’re just the beginning of something magical. Think of them as seeds planted in the fertile soil of your imagination. They’re there to spark your creativity, ignite your passion, and set your inner artist free. The real magic happens when you take those prompts and make them your own, infusing them with your unique voice, your unique vision. Hell, the real beauty would be for you to completely ignore the things I suggest and instead become inspired enough to go off on your own and create your unique brand of magick.

Ready to unleash your creativity? Let’s do this! 💫✨

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